Pranks to Pull on Your Boss

dirty mugEveryone knows that work isn’t always entertaining, so we’ve compiled a few of the best office pranks to help you make the best of work. The first obvious rule of thumb: Don’t do anything so outrageous that might get you in trouble. If you are going to prank your boss, you must plan one of the best office pranks that will get him or her laughing – not wanting to fire the guilty prankster.

One fine idea is to bring in some gag gifts for the office. Make sure to pick a gag gift that mimics something already used in your office. For example, you could place the Dirty Mug on your boss’ desk before he or she arrives in the morning. There’s also the fun and tricky Foaming Sugar, which I think is one of the funniest office pranks. Simply place the Foaming Sugar powder in the regular sugar bowl and stand by to watch as your sleepy-eyed co-workers come in for their morning cup of joe and get a super surprise instead.

In case you have a shortage of office prank ideas, or you have a boss that wouldn’t enjoy a good-humored prank, you and your co-workers can always play away your worries with the Boss Toss Catapult. It’s a fun and easy game that you can play anytime your boss isn’t around. Get one for yourself and your co-workers and have a grand boss-tossing party!

Bring some color to the office environment, and to your boss’s face, with a good gag idea, and you will be laughing your way through the rest of your work week.

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