Pranks for a Pissy Neighbor

Ahhhh, nasty neighbors: we’ve all had at least one, and maybe you have one now. If that’s the case, we feel sorry for you, but we’re here to help! Here are some great prank ideas to help you have a little fun with your cantankerous neighbor.

Is your neighbor constantly complaining that you are too messy? Or maybe your neighbor is a terrible housekeeper themselves, but don’t sweat it. And definitely don’t clean up your mess. Instead, section off the mess with one of our excellent Police Tape options. Maybe start with the Biohazard Police Tape to show off your junk. If that doesn’t get your neighbor riled up enough, there’s always the Asshole Zone Police Tape – an excellent prank for that naggy neighbor you love to hate.

Another funny house prank for a neighbor that likes to hassle you is to send a subtle message about how much you’ve enjoyed living next to them but will greatly miss them, with the Prank Eviction Notices. These are brightly colored, realistic looking Board of Health notices that are sure to get their goat, especially if your neighbor prides him or herself on being a tidy, considerate housekeeper.

In case your neighbor is super noisy, or gets cranky about your noise levels, we’ve got a great solution. Start off a bright and sunny day as your neighborhood’s alarm clock, by using a Big Blast Air Horn or a Train Whistle. If you want to make a longer lasting sting, use the Annoy Your Neighbor CD. Select one annoying sound, blast it on full, and put it on repeat – or put the whole CD on repeat – while you go to work or to run some errands. However you decide to play the CD, you probably won’t want to be home for it. Save all the joy for your stinky neighbor.

Who knows, maybe after your funny pranks are over and the damage is done, your neighbor will realize they need to tone it down a bit on the bad-tempered behavior and have a few laughs with you instead.

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